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The technology


So I'm a literal new starter (only one run in!) but I know I'm going to enjoy it, assuming my body keeps on coping with it!

Bit of a techy geek so am keen to understand what equipment is good equipment? Can anyone point me to some recommendations for; phone holder/carrier thingie, wireless headset, and anything else that might be of use to me?!

I have an "ok" pair of running shoes but would like to upgrade at some point, used to worry my knees wouldn't cope well with running but I guess most running shoes these days have some protection for that?

Any and all advice greatly appreciated :)

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The shoes are more important than the tech but I wouldn't spend much until I was sure I’d stick to it

Fortunately most gear is cheap except for tech I don’t particularly like the tech aspect of running. I like running. I do have a Garmin forerunner 10 though ( a graduation present to myself) which was reasonably inexpensive

Phone holders are a pain in the arse. I put my phone in my pocket. yes you can get shorts, skirts and capris etc with a phone pocket 😃

I don’t have a wireless headset. I use the cheapo earphones that came with my phone, which are fine. I hold em in place with my treasured JogDerbyshire buff. Keeps the sweat out of my eyes too. Get a big hankie and a towelling wristband to mop your fevered brow

Have fun👍😃🏃‍♀️😎


Someone suggested to me a stretchy belt and Bluetooth headphones - they have been a godsend - I was having trouble with the strap your phone to your arm contraption which kept getting loose and getting tied up in my headphones cord.

The belt is willwell sport - it has pockets that you slide your phone and other small bits into - and a keychain to attach your keys to so they can’t be lost.

I already had a Fitbit so use that to track - press go on the c25k to do warm up (slide phone into pocket with Fitbit app open) then at the end of the warm up press button on the Fitbit when displaying run to track run and get splits, and again at the end.

Things in belt never move and it’s very comfortable. You can’t feel it.

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