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Race for Life / first 5k worries

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I've been working through c25k since March, making slow, but steady, progress. I'm on w7r3 now; a week on Sunday I'm running Newcastle race for Life. But... so far I have never managed a full 5k in this programme (average about 4.5k, IF I include warm-up/down walks in the total distance, which feels like a cheat). I finally did 5k today but it took 45 mins!! I know it's not all about the time but I'm worrying that I'm too slow and feel like including the walks is cheating when I measure distance! Anyone else been here? Is anyone else as slow🐢?

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Walking breaks are not cheating. It is an actual way of covering distances (Geoff Galway also known here as Jeffing😀). These events are not the serious sort where you will be hoicked out for taking a breather and you will see lots of people walking and even dancing probably. Generally they are about celebration and having a good time so don't worry. And if this weather continues going all out isn't recommended. Go and enjoy yourself, get experience and tell us all about it.

Main pieces of advice are:

Make sure you're well hydrated.

Leave plenty of time for the loo queues

And DON'T, tempting though it is, start off too fast.

Enjoy 👍👏🍀🍀


I second annieW55 advice.

Race for Life is a fun event to raise awareness and money. I walk / jogged one dressed as a fairy. Another I limped round as I sprained my ankle a week before. It was still great fun chatting on the way round and the finish line is a big celebration for everyone who makes it across no matter how they manage it!

Depending on the size of event there will probably be staggered starts, so the supper zippy go first and the walkers/dancers last.

I know it's difficult after training for the event but try to remember it's a 'FUN run' not a 'fun RUN'.


I've walked every race for life I've ever taken part in - many many of them over the years. I didn't run then apart from over the finish line. No one cares there. It is just a fun event. Walk what you have to and just enjoy it!! I'm going to run it next year because by then I'll be able to ! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


My friend did one recently and she used the c25k run she was due to do and then did scout's pace for the rest :-) - she did it, and it's so encouraging to talk to her and read about other's progress on here :-) enjoy it I'm sure it'll be fine!

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