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Advice for stitch around heart?


Hi everyone! I'm new here :) Been doing C25k on my own for the last few weeks fairly steadily (I did miss one week due to being away) and today I completed W4R2! :D It was definitely one of the more difficult physical experiences of my life, probably in part because it's 30 degrees C here in central London and the road is Mordor. I also took what felt like a stitch around my heart - I stopped for 5 mins in the recovery position and was able to complete the run, but I was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar? The usual advice of breathing deeply really didn't help at all. I wouldn't usually run in this heat, being very very Irish, but with the weather seeming unlikely to abate anytime soon, I don't feel like I have a choice :/

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Happy to say I don’t suffer from this, but here's a link to an article.

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