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W2R2 argh!


that was harder than the last run. Had an awful week at work and feeling tired and dehydrated. I managed to keep going through it though. Proud of that.

I’m finding my mind is able to wander a bit more than before. I’m not just counting down the seconds and praying it’s time to stop! At least not every run!

I think I need to stretch a bit more after every run as my calves and hips especially are getting a bit tight. Does anyone have a good stretching routine they would recommend?

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Well done for keeping going 👍

I use the NHS stretches for running - I can't link on my phone but if you google that term you should find it. I also got a foam roller from Aldi & that's been a big help for my calves.

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Thank you, that’s brilliant. My friend has one of those rollers. I might see if I can borrow it and see how I get on.

As Tartiflette says, here is the link..


Good luck with W2 R3, are you playing music along with the app? it helps a lot😊x

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Thank you so much. Yes, I have a Spotify playlist with my favourite upbeat song. Always skip to my favourites when it gets tough!

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