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Week 9 Run 1 scared about loosing Sanjeev!!


So I completed Run 1 of week 9 today (..go me!!). I’m getting strangely anxious about losing the podcast and my dear friend Sanjeev!! He’s made me the runner I am today (not that I think I’m fabulous! But fitter than pre C25k)

Did anyone feel like this? I think I’m going to keep him going even after but then just keep running even after he says stop! I just wish they made a 5k210k podcast!

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I am due to do wk8 run3 but I'm wondering what I'm going to do without Jo! I have been looking at what I can do post 9wks and read to carry on with two 5k runs and then increase one run by 10% each time if you want increase your distance. It would be nice if they did a variety of different podcasts to follow on. I like someone telling me what to do and worry I won't carry on without them.


I’ve got two weeks behind you but I’m planning to stick with the week nine runs for a bit longer just to have the virtual support! I use Jo Whiley so perhaps to mix it up a bit I will try all the others for some variety. After that, who knows 😁

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