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W7r2 - nearly a bridge too far!


Up early again to beat the heat and boy this was a killer run!

I’d lay in bed for 15 mins contemplating whether to do it this morning or later tonight and decided on getting up and just doing it. Usual cup of tea down me off I trotted to the dulcet tones of Sarah telling me how well I’d been doing to get this far.

Usual route in mind I ran over the bridge at the start of my run. Along the side of the train track I “ran” and diverted my route as I was finding it very slow going. (I’d done a long shift at work yesterday so think that has something to do with it as I had swollen ankles last night and a lovely sweat rash where my socks had been!)

Then I realised I had to get over the bridge going back as I normally finish before it and it’s part of my cool down walk.

“Don't look up just keep going, don’t look at the hill” I repeated to myself - OMG I must have looked like a Jelly Baby in runny gear! Legs a wobble (well more than they normally do) 🤪 but I did it.....in a fashion lol

My next run is planned for Thursday morning and luckily I’m off work tomorrow so will rest as much as possible and hopefully there will be no more Jelly Baby runs from now on

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Well done! Good luck on Thursday.


Please keep it very slow and very steady... well done you! It is so, so warm.

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