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W3r1 - why is the app pausing?!? 😠


Well managed that - I realise now that the trick is to really go slow and don’t mind those overtaking snails!

But....! Has anyone else experienced the app going into pause mode? It happened week2 and it happened today a few times. Especially annoying when doing my final 3 minutes - Er, run? - looked down at what I thought was around 2 minutes and it was paused!

I thought it might be me but I have been very careful how I hold my phone !

By the way - was out in the heat but fortunately I really don’t care what I look like!

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A few people have glitches with the app. Sometimes it's because you start the app before any music you might be listening to and sometimes it's just God's way of saying "Go back to bed, hon".

It might also be that the app is so pleased with your progress in this heat that it's stopped from sheer amazement. Or it might be waiting for you to catch up... :-)

Hope you're having fun tho xx

YogaRules in reply to sallenson

Hmmm - yes you’re right - probably feels I’m a basket case that needs nurturing ....

sallensonGraduate in reply to YogaRules

Nah!! You're a runner!! xx

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