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Trying to get my groove back

I've had a break..been on a trip..and have to get back on track. I had got to week 8..amazed myself by running 28 mins then had s total wobble.. couldn't run past 5 minutes next run. It was like someone had taken my batteries out whilst I was asleep ( incidentally anyone a fan of Channel 4's Humans? Fab) I have since had an ok run then another rubbish one. I decided that with a trip away coming up I would have a rest then go back a few weeks on programme to get confidence back So I've just done the last week6 run which has 2 x 10 mins with 3 mins in between and managed it..running faster than normal...which I can do when there is a walking break..so I am pleased with myself but anxious now not to let this setback scupper me..

I keep having to tell myself that no matter how good or bad the runs I'm still doing more regular exercise than I have done in years so far all good.... 🏆and repeat..😸

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Well done getting back in the shoes.

As I’m sure you know, you are hitting a mental barrier, not an physical one. This affects all of us in different ways and to different extents.

When you get back to the longer runs you are going to need to do your best to push through the mind gremlins.

IanodaTruffe’s checklist is great for this - has anything broken? Are you dead? No? Then keep running.

You can do these runs - you’ve proved that with the successful runs.

But your mind can stop you - it has proven it with the not so successful runs. Mine can stop me too.

Be aware of the mental battle, be prepared to have a really weird argument inside your head during a run and, whilst it is going on, keep putting one foot in front of the other.

My experience is that the gremlins do subside - but never disappear completely - if you push through them. They save their energy if the figure out they won’t win.

Good luck with the runs to come. We’ll support you all the way.


What a great attitude to have sofabunny! With that and Jays wise words to help you you will be fine! Good luck! 😀


You’re right - you are doing more exercise than ever. You’ve got the idea about being able to go faster (and slower?) just start as soft and slow as you can and keep it like that until you are absolutely sure you can make it to the end. If there is any spare energy then push the pace in the last minute, or if you misjudge it slow right back down again. Don’t track your distance/speed, or put any pressure on yourself based on what you’ve done before. Just keep going for the amount of time. You’ve got this :)


My strategy has been to go really slow and save energy for a last minute blast at the finish...and it had been working for me and I had started wk 8 when the wheels came off..I know what the problem is...I have a stressful job and difficult new boss., That is taking all my mental energy .so I don't have as much left to power myself through running. I guess that more seasoned runners can cope with more mental challenges going on at once..I'm just going to stick at it..I've decided that for now as long as I don't give up and do some running 3 times a week the habit will be formed and I will progress when mind and body can cope🌻🌼🌺 a bit zen 😂


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