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So poorly knee has been spending lots of time being iced. A glorious feeling in this weather. I did a couple of careful runs at snails pace, with more rest days than running days.

On Sunday I went for a walk exploring a new trail. I got bored so thought I’d try the next run. It went well, but I didn’t turn round at the middle point because I wanted to get to the end of the trail. That meant that warm down was a 40 min walk at a leisurely pace, and it seems it worked wonders!

Tonight I did W5r2 and it was fine. Knee much improved and comfortable to run on. Yippee! I was particularly pleased with my breathing which stayed at 4 paces per in and 4 paces per out until the last minute of the second 8 minute run.

It seems my careful runs have taught me to run slowly and to pace myself. I was able to speed up for the last minute of each 8 min run. I still had another runner come breezing past at twice my pace, but that’s totally cool.

I continue to be amazed at how quickly progress is being made and how sunny the weather keeps being.

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Well done.


Sounds good.... well done you!

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