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Halted in my tracks with a summer cold...


I successfully completed W3R1 last Friday and was looking forward to the next run on Tuesday (had a 3-day break for my birthday weekend). But have now got a streaming head cold and the last thing I now feel like doing is running! I feel like I should though and that I’ll be undoing the progress I’ve made by not doing anything... when I feel better, should I repeat W2, or even start again? Feeling very frustrated 😩🤧

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Just rest up. Make sure you feel better before heading out...and then just head out for your next run... slow and steady and see how you feel. Your body will soon tell you if you need a reprisal run :)

JacquiAMGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you for replying ... I will try that and see how it goes - so frustrated, felt I was doing well and now back to square one! 😩

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