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I’ve not posted in a very long time but have been lurking for a while.

So my running fizzled out after graduation for various reasons, and am now having another go at the programme. I had got up to week 5 and was doing OK, but have only managed to get out a couple of times over the last fortnight and determined to get back on it this week.

I had a great plan to get up extra early this morning and run before work. My alarm dutifully trilled away at 5.10am, but I just couldn’t do it, I needed the 20 minutes extra dozing too much so my only alternative as I’m busy this evening was to go in my lunchbreak.

Given that it’s so warm and I knew I’d probably struggle with week 5, I stepped back to week 3 in order to take it really gently. My goodness it’s HOT! (hooray for the new workplace showers). I could have coped with the heat I think but sadly my old arch enemy stitch was back (not enough food yesterday and today, and probably not enough water this morning) and despite trying all my best coping techniques – belly breathing, arm in air, going very slowly it eventually became unmanageable and I had to stop and walk. I’m a bit miffed so my plan is to eat well with healthy carbs tonight and give the 5.10am wakeup call another try tomorrow – yikes. I decided to take a positive from today’s experience and enjoyed the stunning location – just beautiful.

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I think the heat is affecting a lot of us. It is certainly affecting me. I’m taking the ‘this is Britain, it won’t last long’ approach and biding my time. I dont want to try & fail so I’ll just wait. Hope your stitch disappears with the heat 🤞

AlMorrGraduate in reply to SandieF

I wonder what we should call this heatwave!? perhaps the beast from the Sahara, strange that the tabloid press has not given it a name like they did regarding the beast from the east at the beginning of March.

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