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Injury update


Not posted for ages due to being layed up with poorly ankle. However I had my physio session yesterday and it left me slightly stunned. Although I am right handed and right footed it turns out I am weaker on my right side than I am on my left. Therefore I have been given some exercises to strengthen my bum and to bring everything into alignment. Also the physio told me that resting is the worse thing to do as this will just weaken the affected area and to start the program again. I have to run more on my toes and increase my cadence to take the stress away from my Achilles. It was a real eye opener and stresses the importance of getting professional help in these matters. So hopefully I'm back on track and can join in all the fun again.....

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Hi Pete1w, Really hope that your return to running goes well 🏃🏃🏃So sorry that you have been having a tough time with your poorly ankle.

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