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W4 R1 - now I understand the programme!


I’m cautiously amazed that I have got this far. Don’t want to tempt fate but maybe, just maybe, I can make it and call myself a runner. 10 runs! 17 to go.

When I was at school we had to do punishing cross country runs once a term. At the end I would always be throwing up. I can understand now that I didn’t have the stamina and that it gave me an (understandable) lifelong aversion to running.

Fast forward to now and I can feel how the program builds stamina week on week. I “run” very slowly but my soaked t-shirt and beetroot face bear witness to my exertions. But I don't feel sick and, whilst I don't think I will ever have a runners' high, I do get a buzz from pushing the yellow button at the end of each run.

The programme is incredibly well thought out and I now understand how it works.

But actually reading the posts from others on this journey were the trigger to my starting and the kind, supportive tone is what keeps me going!

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I was a cautious runner too as I've always been asthmatic and had never run for a bus, so my very first post here was asking for advice about running with asthma... 9 weeks later I graduated with a 44 minute parkrun without my inhaler!! So I think I need to change my user name, and you, Robert_IS_a_Runner ,will need to do the same very soon! Don't even think of doubting that you can do this.... You will! It's as much a psychological programme as a physical one and you are already half way there 😀


Well done for your progress so far.

Completely identify with the school running comment - we ran once a week through winter and it was hell. I only hope schools today introduce running in an sustainable way. This would be perfect in schools.


W4 R1 is my next run. I have taken a sneaky peek but am daunted by the 16 minute total run time. Like you I run very slow - just hope I can make it. Congratulations on your wk4 achievement.

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