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Week 3 done, Week 4 kick off!


I completed week 3 on Saturday and was so very happy!

It was not easy. The final week was squeezed in by running into town to grab some food I needed for a party that evening. It was the hardest run of the week and the warm weather did not help.

Week 4 kicks off tomorrow. I'm not thrilled but I'm trying to stay open minded and positive. I can do this. I have done this. Just need to keep it slow.

My boyfriend (who turns into a good ol' personal trainer when he joins me on runs!) has added the incentive of going for a delicious Indian post run. So that's something to keep me running to the end! (And through the short added runs he includes as we walk back post app run!)

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Well done. Just take your time, no hurry, and have fun 😃👍

Thank you! I shall 😊

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