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W4 R2, still waiting for killer run to kick in.


I expected one of the week 4 runs to trip me up and thought it was gonna happen this morning. Half way through the first 3 minute run my feet felt heavy and I was dreading the remainder. It was a false alarm, to the extent that with one minute of the 2nd 5 minute run remaining I felt quite strong.

Run 3 on Wednesday then 2 day rest before week 5 ...... I predict a lot of sweat and snotters, it won't be bonnie, week 5 is the one that concerns me most I think.

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I'm at the same stage. Every week I find R2 to be the most difficult but only for the first couple of minutes, then it gets easier and almost enjoyable! Apprehensive about Week5 too but hopefully we'll be fine.

Gar27Graduate in reply to Hidden

I'm doing it to the letter, slow pace, at least one rest day between runs and resisting the temptation to keep going when the run is finished because I feel like I've got a bit more left in me. And yeah, there is certainly an element of enjoyment creeping in :)

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