Week 5, Run 3 - I can jog for 20 mins!!!😊 - Couch to 5K

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Week 5, Run 3 - I can jog for 20 mins!!!😊

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As the original couch potato I started this to improve my health status, specifically high blood pressure. I've been 'lurking' for months, taking on board all the great advice in the forum. I repeated some of the weeks but finally made it here! When I made the rookie mistake of checking what was coming next, I thought '20 mins?? Are you having a laugh??'!! Anyway, despite the odds, I managed to trot for 20mins - no style, just listening to the 'slow & steady' mantra. I'm wary of doing too much too soon so I'll repeat this week to be safe. Neverthless the C25K has found the jogger inside me & made me see that I can do it.....so I'm going to stick with it!! I would recommend this to anyone dithering about putting on some running shoes!

2 Replies

Well done , that is a great achievement!

You have done more than anyone on the sofa and you will get faster over time


Fantastic - well done πŸ‘

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