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Going backwards


I’m feeling pretty crap. I’d made it to Week 7 and managed two 25 minute runs and had felt really good. Then I tweaked a tendon behind my knee and rested up for a few days. Then I missed a couple of runs as I was away with 25 ten year olds on an activity residential. Now I can’t get back into my running. I’ve repeated Week 6. day 2 twice this week and couldn’t run for 10 mins without slowing down to a walk. I’ve really lost my enthusiasm and positivity. Help!!

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A. You must be tired. B. You have been injured. C. You have not run for a little while.

Don't beat yourself up we all have good and bad runs it happens. 9 weeks is not set in stone. I took 2 years to get to week 9. Now belong to a running club and have completed 2 halfs plus various club runs.

Enjoy the journey and be kinder to yourself.


Try a few easy runs with no particular time in mind, just to ease your self back into the swing of things.

Keep it nice and slow. I used to find that my pacing went to pot after a break and I would start off too fast.


Just a suggestion Mezkate, why not go back to W5 and pick it up again. You may find you can ease your way back into things. Remember 9wks is a plan and no plan is set in stone.

Never set yourself up to fail. . . keep your spirits up and keep going.

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