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On the IC, please send comfort and well wishes!


Ugh so it happened, my ankle/foot, as if out of no where, while on a gentle dog walk, has started giving me stick. It’s pretty much constant when walking so I’m not even going to attempt running. I’m pretty heart broken because I was enjoying running so much. HOWEVER, I’m going to up the stretching and self care, learn more biomechanics to figure out what’s going on (I am comforted by research and knowledge), and see some professionals.

I’ve had a similar pain before in a slightly different place and that too passed (back in feb when running was just a twinkle in my eye).

Mostly posting here so you’re not surprised if I don’t post for a wee while till I’m better. Once I’m back I’ll post asking for advice where to pick up again :)

Please DO: empathise, wish me a fast recovery, share my pain, send a cute emoji, link to inspirational stories that warm the heart.

Please DONT: give me advise on what to do about it or what to change in my running/ lifestyle/ footwear choice. I’m on it, I’ve got this part covered myself :)

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Poor you take care....


Hope you get back on track soon.

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