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Knees, shoes and the next step


So a painful right knee prompted an earlier than planned trip to Running Bear in Alderley Edge for discussion about footwear. I was expecting to have to book an appointment for gait analysis, but it was the first thing they did. Yippee! I wasn’t sure if I could run with bad knee, but I was up to a couple of short jogs on the treadmill, and was given advice on choosing suitable shoes to cushion my aging bones as I run. I have now spent a fortune on lovely pinky red ‘go faster’ shoes. No excuses now.

After plenty of time spent with knee elevated with an ice pack on it I decided to try out the new go faster shoes.

The good news is I managed my Wk4R3, and strapped ice to my knee upon my return to the couch to mitigate any possible reaction.

The bad news is I’m still slow as a snail as knee wasn’t quite comfortable enough. So 2 days rest then I’ll see how it feels.

I loved the free socks I got with my shoes with a groovy little running piglet on the ankle. I only realised it was supposed to be a running bear (name of shop is a clue!) when I put them on and it says ‘Running Bear’ right across the top of the foot. Duh! Still slow.

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Good luck with recovery but you can’t tell us about new shoes without a picture . It’s mandatory! Shoes 👞👠👡👢👟

BaddieThePirateGraduate in reply to Dexy5

Fair point, so I took pics of shoes and running piglet socks, but can’t work out how to attach them...?

Dexy5Graduate in reply to BaddieThePirate

When you make your post click on the camera icon and it will take you to your photos on your phone. Then choose the photo you want . That’s with iPhone anyway.


Get that knee sorted... please do not run if it is still uncomfortable:)

The shoes sound absolutely great... but they K-need... strong legs:)

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