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W6R1 after an unintended break


I had wanted to keep up with my running while also carrying out a move over the past two weeks, however, deadlines at work and the constant carrying of furniture and moving boxes got the better of me.

Today I finally went for the first run of week 6 after a 14 day hiatus with much trepidation. I did ok, though it was hard. I went as slowly as I possibly could. My main concern was feeling a soreness in my shins return which I was not really feeling before the break from the program. Stamina-wise I felt fine. I went for the run this morning and writing this in the evening I feel fine but I absolutely do not want to hurt myself.

Should I have gone back a week or two rather than pick up where I started? Should I move ahead with W6R2 or not? I really appreciate any advice from this wise community. Thank you all!

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Move back a couple of runs if you want to for confidence but there is absolutely no need to as you completed the run. I'd say on you go. The soreness could just be down to the run or it could possibly be that you are over striding. Make sure you land with your feet under your hips/body. Striding out puts a lot of extra strain on your shins and causes pain. If it doesn't sort itself out then a trip to physio or medic may well be in order.

RunGirlyRun in reply to AnnieW55

Thanks, Annie. I think I will go on as you suggest and just mind my step, figuratively and literally! I appreciate the advice!

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