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W5R1 on treadmill


So I’m in the process of my walk down now, but just done w5r1 on the treadmill.

Definitely was running at a faster pace than normal; probably too fast. My bad. But no aches, no pains! :D happy days.

Definitely pushed it too hard in the last minute of running, went at 9.5k/h, compared to my Normal of 8.5-8.7, but felt good.

Bring on run 2, don’t know where I’ll do it yet!

Can definitely confirm I find treadmill running a lot easier!

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I do 2x treadmill during the week and then 1x outdoor on a weekend and I do agree, it feels a lot easier on the treadmill, probably because of the lovely smooth surface! But I can’t help the feeling of relief and pride when I do work that little harder and master the outdoor run each week!

Exactly! Definitely feel a greater sense of achievement from looking at the route I took afterwards lol!

And bragging about it to all my non runner friends of course!

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