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W8R1 ....... was really sort of ok!

My bbc weather app said there was a 1% chance of rain - it was pouring - that drizzly wet air type of rain - it said 97% humidity by the time we finished. 🙄

Took to the riverbank again, a more familiar route so didn’t get lost this time.

Deployed the lots of questions ploy on my chatty speedy friend - so we weren’t as fast as Friday but faster than last Monday. Managed the 28mins fine - turned back a little before half way as I expected the going to be slower in the 2nd half but it wasn’t really so had to do an extra little loop.

Pleased! 😀

My ‘challenge’ was put sharply into perspective mind by a blind runner and her human and canine guides running into the trail in front of me! Massive respect for her!! She was very fast too!

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Well done. Blimey, I can’t imagine running blind. That’s seriously impressive of her.

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Fantastic Crittermad! That sounds like a lovely run. And 28 minutes feels so good. You know the final time is only a couple of minutes more. Well done! 😁

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Well done!

Definitely counting down now.

I've never seen a blind runner before.

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