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Just done Week 5 run 3, so very pleased with myself. Been trying to do couch to 5k for years but always give up at week 6 because of bad knees. This time I have used knee supports to run and it is much better. The only trouble is I am going on holiday next week for three weeks and it will be really hot. I am 62 and find it really hard running in the heat. Any good ideas?

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Amazing. I've got that run next and dreading it. But pleased to read you did it. X

Oh gosh, ive got the same thing on my mind! I’ll do the first run of week 8 next Sunday, but then im off to Orlando for 2 weeks (really didnt think this through 🙄) Im taking my running stuff with me, but im 99% sure i wont be able to run in that heat and humidity. Theres no fitness room at our resort either. I can see me running circles around the carpark at 2am 😂😂!! Gutted my graduation will be pushed back 😢

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