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Not a morning runner


Just been out and done wk3 run3, I normally run on an evening after work to de-stress, before eating etc. But due to having a busy day planned today thought I’d go out first thing instead. Quite quickly realised I’m not as good and less energy than of an evening! Still completed the run but felt like a chore and nothing left in the tank where normally I actually feel I could go a little longer. 😏

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You must be an owl not a lark!

I feel better in the morning , evening runs are much tougher for me.

We need to know what works best for us. The main thing is that you kept going till the end, well done and wishing you well with the rest of the programme.


I feel the same. I quite enjoy my de-stressing runs after work. Been out only once on this journey in a morning and it wasn't my best! Glad I'm not alone 😊

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