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Wk4r3 Done


I have had a busy week and wasn’t really feeling it on the drive home but knew I should go tonight as I want to watch the football tomorrow. Started out well and felt really good. I run down a trail so I wanted to see how far it was to 2.5km so went further than I normally do with the view I would just have a longer walk back. Anyhow got to the last 5min run and thought i will run through the warm down to see how I get on, and I felt great. 5km done. Really pleased and can really concentrate on week 5 now and build my stamina happy I can do the distance - roll on saturday. Keep on running!

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Wow! There's no way l could have run 5k in week 4. Well done 😊


Good stuff. I did that this morning, ran through the 5 minute cool down and just kept going - loved it; what’s happened to me ? 😂

stupendous82 in reply to Gran4z

Great though isn’t it. I can feel I am getting fitter, haven’t lost any weight but body shape is changing

Gran4zGraduate in reply to stupendous82

I’m lucky I’ve lost weight as well , though wasn’t the aim - but not complaining 🙂

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