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New phone, lost my progress in the app!

I have switched to a OnePlus 6 from a Nexus 5x and my progress has been lost. I'm doing week 4 R1 today. I know it doesn't really matter but I feel like the tiny Sanjeev in my new phone might judge me for skipping the first three weeks! I have an anthropomorphasisation problem. Does anyone know how to get my progress and my wee flying start banner back please?

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The coward's way out (if you really want to keep the banners) is just to play through each episode again and save at the end of each.

The more normal thing to do with a phone/tech upgrade is to start the programme all over again from scratch. That's why there are so many people on the forum. We're trapped in the Nine Circles of Running Hell. Please send help!!

It's an honour system on here in seriousness. No-one expects screen shots of every run. Replay the episodes of you really want to, but we're a trusting bunch and will believe you :-)


Thanks very much!


You can skip through each session with a forward button


Thanks a lot. I've done that and I feel a bit better! I know it's not really important but there you go.

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