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In love with the Couch to 5K 😍


Good morning everyone. Thought I would introduce myself! I am on week 5, run three I believe. Going to attempt the 20 mins run today. I am a little nervous. I'm on holiday in Scotland at the moment, such beautiful scenery for a run! Refusing to watch my calories so much whilst on holiday so running is really important whilst I am away. I don't wish to start at square one again! I have to say things ARE getting easier. And I am starting to become quite addicted to running. Lost without my protein to finish my run though. No room in the suitcase!! Have a great day everyone. I aim to get fitter and to lose weight. And so far so good!

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Well done on getting those runs done on holiday. I think holiday runs are often the best ones. New routes, more alert sorta thing

You don’t need any extra grub though You’re not running far enough. You don’t get any food til you’re going much further. Sad to say. A drink of water or tea is all you earn

Just stick to your regular meals, keep running and the weight will shift 👍🙂🏃‍♀️ Have fun too 😃

Hi, I’ve just added you too. We are near each other aren’t we? I’ve just done the first run of week 9. You are so good to keep this up on holiday but it’s such an achievement to do this programme, well done. I love Scotland, my mum was Scottish and I still have family there. Have a great time!! 😊

Sarahsnail in reply to Nannymo30

I am Scottish. Visiting my dad. Wow that 20 mins run was hard! 😫 I am in Diss. X

Nannymo30 in reply to Sarahsnail

I’m in Thrandeston just outside Diss.

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