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W4 R2 Completed


This was a little harder. I had been working on a dive boat the day before, recovering divers and kit and I was a little stiff. However I soldiered on got through the cross trainer and my weights sessions then on to the treadmill. It was hard work the hrdest yet and the repeat commentary from Laura did not help however it was done and I felt OK at the end. The plantar fasciitis was even better today than expected for those who want to know about that the following seems to be working:-

Frozen water bottle rolled under foot

Orthorpedic gel heels

I wear my training trainers for a while after the exercise to give support

The rest of the time I have trainers on.

No bare feet.

Stretches (toe on bottom stair) or similar 5 sets 5 reps and hold for 30 seconds

Stretches whenever I thik about it. The PF is worse in one foot and I put my feet up on the sofa, hook the heel of the less troublesome one on the toe of the worse one and stretch that way too.

Hope that helps those who too suffer. R3 tomo!

I have OOfos coming tomorow too!

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Week 4 run 3 for me tomorrow and really looking forward to it. Had a look at week 5 - should be interesting!

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