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Week 7 Run 2


Completed run 2 of Week 7 last night and I'm starting to believe I really am a runner!! Normally I get overtaken by very brisk dog walkers around where I live (very rural area) but last night I overtook a boat on the canal. Just for clarification - I was running on the old towpath and not in the water. Its hard enough on dry land without the complication of water!! Am finding all the posts on here incredibly motivating and inspirational - so many fantastic stories and wonderful achievements - it really keeps me going!

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Hi Tink9098, Well done you! May your confidence grow and grow. I still struggle to believe that I can actually keep running for 30 minutes even if it is at 🐌 pace! All the best for your next runs!

Tink9098Graduate in reply to over61andstilltrying

Cheers - I never thought I’d get this far and am now really determined to graduate 👩‍🎓!

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