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Laura I'm sorry but I'm not finding these longer runs easier!🙀😭😭


Week 6 R2 has just nearly done for me..I knew as soon as I started warm up walk that I wasn't up to it.. I couldn't walk at my usual pace let alone walk..I have plodded through to the end but I'm really not finding it easier...had to go so slow on second 10 mins that I may as well have walked it ...really unsure about R3 ....😱

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Slow is the only way- and being well hydrated helps. Might you be off colour? If so, rest & recover before running. 😀

Sofabunny in reply to Elfe5

Having a very stressful time at work at the moment..think that may not be helping..


Take an extra rest day. “May as well walked it” is not the same as “walked it”, so onwards and upwards. I hope the next one is better for you.


I think we’ve all had ‘those’ runs. I know I certainly have. The thing is you did do it. And slow is good, if your under par slowER is better.

You did it! Well done & Carry on 👍

No one said it would be easy. Wouldn't be an achievement if it was. Going slow is the way to do it so sounds like you'll be fine. If you go out the door thinking you're going to have a bad run you probably will.


You only need to plod 🐌 that’s all I do and I’m still a graduate 🤣🤣😬

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