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W7 R3 complete 😁 my mojo is back!


It was hard, the last minute was hell but i completed it! My legs feel like lead now.

Not sure how i will manage with another 3 minutes on top because I feel like I'm at my limit at the end of 25, but i'm going to give it a go, i may surprise myself! At worst, i'll only manage the 25 and I'll count it as a repeat and keep going till i can make it to 28.

Feeling good 😁

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Well done MH! Another run completed and now only two weeks to go :) Enjoy the moment, you’ve earned it.

Personally I think that once you’ve reached this stage you’ve done most of the hard work - you are now consistently running for 25 minutes at a time, and the last two weeks are simply about gently edging up that 25-minute run to a 30-minute one.

And I like your idea of treating the next run as a repeat if those last few minutes prove too hard on that particular day.

You’re going to be on that podium in no time :)

MamaHogg in reply to HoagyM

Thank you 💕 x


Great to hear, mama.

Congratulations on completing the week. Six runs left!

I was the same with W8R1 on Tuesday, nervous of the extra time. So I took it slower and more plodding than usual, then ran better tonight.

Go out with the intention of completing the run, i bet you'll manage it.

Enjoy the rest days.

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