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Don't want to be fat and 50!


I'm soon to reach my 50th year and am overweight, gradually gaining an extra stone every 10th year! I love to run, I'm not very fast or very good at it but I enjoy it but it's probably my eating that lets me down. I am probably obsessive with regard to my weight as I think about it every day and would just really like to get back to running a couple of decent runs a couple of times a week and hopefully drop some weight in the process. Here's hoping, again anyway!!!

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Lovely photo with your daughter, maybe granddaughter, running alone does not reduce weight loss but it does help, you don't need to be fast, I took up C25K more for exercise as I am of normal weight and just a challenge as I already have done plenty of cycling and walking throughout my 72 years. I am sure you will drop weight in your running process, all the best to you.


It will certainly help and combined with careful eating you'll see the scales start to tip the other way. You have the power to change your future...amazing really isn't it!? 👍😉

I have a 31st Dec rule. I must be below or on my maximum maximum weight that morning. That way I have managed not to expand but there is fluctuation over the year. Currently 5lbs under the maximum!!!


Keep running regularly and eating healthily and it’s in the bag.

Just do it 😃👍🏃‍♀️ ✅

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