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For health reasons and generally having no energy due to an overactive thyroid I stopped doing my couch to 5k. I need some motivation to get back on it this week... going back to the start so it’s Week 1 - Run 1 (again) for me. Starting a 30 day healthy/clean eating plan today and doing some classes at the gym then on Tuesday or Wednesday must get on it. I see other people started where I am and did it. What not me this time!!!

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Good luck for your come back. Hopefully everything will click in to place and you’ll do it


Good luck! I have just restarted too, found the first run tough which was disappointing as I got to week 5 at Easter, but better than sitting on the couch! Just remember everyone's advice on here...slowly does it.


It's great to see how well motivated you are to get fit.

But you've got a plan to start 3 things all at once there... I know that's how many people go on 'health kicks'... but that's often why they are just that, rather than the route to a healthier happier more fulfilled life. So maybe be a bit gentler with yourself and ease yourself in a bit more gradually and make it work for you? People often naturally start to eat better through doing C25K, and also discover what sorts of additional exercise they want to add in. I'm sensing all sorts of 'shoulds' in your mind, inside of 'I'd love to's....

I have an overactive thyroid too and I find building up slowly is the best way to let our bodies adjust. I would start with just the C25k for a couple of weeks and let that feel natural and doable then when you feel like doing something else on your days off and feel energetic try some gym classes. I would give this advice to anyone as well, it not just for us that are on thyroid tablets. The body prefers to be lead gently into fitness and as GoogleMe says you are more likely to keep with it and it become a way of life.

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