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Topsy turvy couch to 5 k joiner

Hi all I'm not new to couch to 5 k I've done bits a pieces beforw, but this is the first time I've done a profile. I'm an topsy turvy person when it comes to fitness and excersice. I can do some for a while then I crash and do nothing for ages. I'm trying to change that but I guess it's easier to go running in nice warm sunshine but hard in winter. I'm a very lazy person by nature but then when I feel really bad I panic excersice and do as much as I need to feel well only to slacken off once I feel on the level again..I guess I don't have alot of self motivation unless I feel awful which is like a kick starter. That all sounds parity negative but when I do runny and complete a session I do feel really good I just struggle to keep it going consistently..I'm come to realise that it's probably always going to be that way and I'm trying to mix things up with doing other activities cycling, tennis walking and indoor 5 minute fitness apps..Anxiety affects me alot and is probably my worst problem that skuppers me up but maybe that's an excuse. It's there it affects me in all sorts of strange ways sometimes I can break through it others it strangles me like a noose. It dosn't matter, I can do things just in a very particular way.. that's it realy keeping relatively fit gives me resistance to the dreaded A I just want to be as fit as I can get and hopefully one day be free again.

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Coming on here is really helpful for the motivation and the plan means that you have a structure to follow. All this really helps to establish a running habit. Have a look at the pinned posts and the Guide to the programme and then join in :) Good luck!

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You are in the right place and amongst friends:)

Check this post out..

A few reminders there for you. Stay with us as you head out again... you are here, which means you have the motivation already.. we will help keep you going and you must surely know how great this whole plan id for mind and body:)


Welcome to the forum.

C25K is as much about building the exercise habit as it is about building stamina.

Do check out the guide linked to by Oldfloss.

Enjoy your journey.


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