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Wk2 complete!!

Despite a household full of norovirus (except me!), virtually no sleep for 3 nights and zero energy, I made myself complete wk2 run3 today and it felt great!! Bit of leg fatigue this evening but think that’s just fatigue in general! At work tonight so will be active so I don’t get stiff, then a rest day cuddled up with my poorly boy on the sofa tomorrow before starting wk3 on Tuesday!! Hope you’re all well, have a fantastic week!! 🤩👍🏃‍♀️♥️

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Sometimes it is adversity that makes us stronger

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I completed week 2 run 3 today too. Felt ok. Well done for completing it with minimal sleep. I'm nightshift Mon & Tues & I know how hard it is to run when tired. Planning next run on Wed


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