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Hi I'm Aich (H) and I've just done my week 1 run 1! I quit smoking last year and piled on the weight, (I've always been on the bigger side!). I tried watching my diet and walking 10k steps a day with little effect, so decided to try running, I tried a few months ago before I found the c25k app but gave up. So I'm hoping with this app and a bit of support I'll get there!!

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You’ll certainly get the support and encouragement here “H” good luck and enjoy the experience 👏😊


Welcome to the forum.

The structure of C25K is superb and this forum is your secret weapon for success.

The guide to the plan is essential reading

Enjoy your journey.


This is a fab place to start! Good luck 💪🏻


It’s a fab program and an even more amazing forum! Well done and you can do this 💪🏽

I’d recommend slimming world as I’ve lost a lot on it.

Good luck!


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