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Started running again


I am getting on a bit 73 next B/day. I used to be very fit in my youth, running, cycling & swimming. Sadly life and children got in the way and my fitness tapered off. I used to ride cycle Time Trials Could easily ride 25 miles in less than an hour, 50 miles in less than 2 hours Was working on 100 miles in less than 4 hours. Never quite got there the quickest I did 100 miles was 4 hours 13 mins. I gave up competitive cycling a few years ago. The time has come to try and regain some of the fitness I have lost. Have done week one, but feel I am not ready for week 2 yet as I do not appear to be getting any better. It takes me 10 mins to get to a point on my route and I feel I should get further in 10 mins. I will give another week at week 1 then see how week 2 goes.

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I’m a bit younger than you and started walking daily last year after a thankfully benign health scare. It was a real wake up call though. Three weeks into the 0-5k and I’m frankly amazed st my progress. Take it slow, follow the instructions and you will be fine. Good luck


Well done! But you completed w1 successfully, you must be getting better! Doing worry about times a certain points, just follow the programme slowly and go for w2.. 😊


Please don’t worry about the distance (or speed) you are going. The plan is really misnamed it should be “couch to running for 30 minutes” but it’s not as catchy😄. I’ve heard from a few cyclists who find that their cycling fitness doesn’t help them with running unfortunately


I'm also 73 next b'day and have never been fit - well, some spasmodic long distance walking but that's it. I'm about to complete wk 3 and I always feel I'm not ready to move on to the next week, then amaze myself when I manage it. I keep the mantra "slow and steady" in my head. It may take more than 9 weeks and it may not be 5k at the end but who cares? I have a huge sense of achievement and feel so much fitter already. Good luck and keep going!

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