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I started the couch to 5k regime a couple of days ago and I have just completed my second 'run'.

I was somehow persuaded into signing up for a 10k fundraising race in August despite being majorly unfit, lazy and having problems with my knees and hips...

I have come across this forum which I think will be a big help throughout my training. The two runs I have done so far I have found tough but when I've finished them, I've felt pretty proud. Hopefully the stiff legs will ease off soon!

My main issue I'm having when running is my throat burning as I run - is it from the cold air? I now have a really sore throat since my first run (but this may be a big coincidence). Does anybody have any advice for this?

I'm looking forward to seeing the distances increase on my Strava, and the pace increase!

I have signed up for ParkRun but I am going to wait a couple more weeks before I try that, I don't want to do too much too soon. :)

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Hi jess, well done for signing up for your challenge in August, the c25k program will get you there...

Nice steady running, just a gentle jog as you gradually build stamina and running legs.. 😊

Here is a link to a guide to doing the plan which you may find interesting..

Good luck with Wk1 R3...have fun and keep posting, so we can cheer you on😊x

Just to let you know , sore throats are getting a lot of people... even those who aren’t doing this program

Well done for starting ,you will be hooked in no time ,

This forum is great 👍🏻 lots of friendly advice and encouragement


Did you check out this advice post for Newbies? Lots of great advice there... well done for beginning this... slow and steady will get you there:)

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