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Dawn patrol reporting back a little late


Morning /afternoon

Was meant to do my run early doors this morning but rain once again thrawted me. So I did before lunch ( fare weather runner !)

Haven’t been able to run since Saturday so my idea of running 3 times a week hasn’t gone well this week ( mixture of work/life commitments and bad weather) am hoping to squeeze one more in , probably the park run on Saturday

I’ve been trying to learn to focus on my breathing, there is a link in someone posts , I’m trying the breathe in from your diaphragm for two paces then expel for two paces, I don’t have much experience but I think it really helps me. Although for some reason it’s strange having to think about breathing when I kinda just done without thinking about breathing for erm , roughly , my entire life! 🤣

Keep going guys, good luck on whatever week your on and yeah...erm ....remeber to breathe 🤪🤣🤔

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It helps. 🤣

Yes well done you on the breathing.

Many links🤔, belly breathing technique, if you wish google you tube Matt cama he uses 2:2 for short runs and 4:4 for longer runs together with the diaphragmatic breathing.

I do not run with it yet, but find it easy to practise on a rowing machine.

Started the other day playing about with inhaling one two, one two three - exhaling one two, one two three, seem to be a natural sustainable rhythm to it.🤔🙈😂😂.

It is good to have your natural technique to switch off a return to.

Good luck.🌟👏👏

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