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If I can do it then so can anyone!


Well I’m feeling proud that I did actually manage to do run 1 of week 4. Never did I think I would be able to but just shows how sticking to the programme works wonders even to someone like me who has never run in my 55 years. Still on a treadmill but the sunshine is tempting now but worried the different techniques might make me less successful so I think I will stick with the treadmill for now. It’s so inspiring to hear so many updates from everyone, especially the arthritic obese fellow sufferers. Hopefully not for much longer. Just for info it hurt like hell today but as I did it once I can do the rest of the week. Onward and upwards. Good luck everyone and keep smiling. Most of all keep on running! 😀

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Just keep it slow and steady... don't push too hard... enjoyment and not endurance :)

Well done :)

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