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Did I really just do 25 mins w7r1

It’s been a while since I posted and although I have had 2 weeks off with a virus and a surprise trip away where my trainers didn’t come with me, I decided it would be best to repeat week 6, I’ve done that and today was w7r1. I went the same route I normally go except this time when I got to my normal halfway spot I hadn’t heard the bell. Imagine my slight to carry on running and thus improve distance!!!

I managed to complete the run except in the final segment having to stop for traffic (nice to get a few seconds eat!!) and then again to grab my breat. No longer than 3 seconds before I kicked on

I feel I completed a 25 minute run but with 2 notes stops. Did I really????

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Well done! 😁👍😃🏃‍♂️


You definitely did! Well done, not long til the podium now :)

Liz x

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I think you must have :) Very well done you :)


Yep. Move on. Well done.


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