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Rest days?


Hi guys

So Ive completed Week 5 run 2 twice (I was a tad hungover so didn’t feel up to run 3 haha) but my question is I’m addicted to Bodypump at the moment and going every rest day and sometimes before my runs. Although I still have one sometimes two total rest days a week, should I cut down on the classes to sustain the longer runs coming up? I haven’t found any of the runs particularly easy but managed to complete all but one first time however my legs do burn/like jelly after my classes and i occasionally feel it the next day. I’m determined to lose weight after putting on 1.5 stone during my travels but I am apprehensive about the 20 minute run coming up!!

Thanks in advance :)

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I do both too - I am just starting wk 9 and have found that the strength classes really support the C25K program. If it gets too much you could add an extra rest day between runs. I was terrified of the wk5 run 3 before I did it - then I believed - then I ran it and I loved it! I think you will too.

It all depends on you and your body. It is cardio on top of cardio, but one is HIIT and one is LISS so they complement each other rather than clashing. The general rule is if you find your performance diminishing from one session to the next and all other factors are equal(rest, nutrition, hydration), then you are not getting adequate recovery and would do better to cut back a little. If you just feel tired and achey but are happy enough then power on.

I git into doing Spin sessions 4 times a week while I was doing C25k and while it was pretty brutal, I am sure it accelerated my cardio capacity and helpd strengthen my legs.

Another thing worth considering is doing some actual weight training a couple of days a week, I know this will trigger a cavalcade of ragers led by ju-ju- insisting that bodypump is strength building weight work, but it isn't. It is cardio with weights. Don't get me wrong: it is a great workout and will burn calories and get you fitter and leaner, and is a great introduction to the basics of weightlifting movements, but high rep low weight exercise does not build strnegth. You need to also do low rep higher weight sessions as well.


Rignold has given some good advice... I know very little about Bodypump...but... take the runs steadily and you should enjoy them... Anticipation not apprehension... if not... you are moving too fast:)

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