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Too anxious


Ok, so yesterday I looked into C25k and got some amazing encouragement on here to start. However, when it came to do it this morning my anxiety went through the roof and I just couldn't do it. I did download the app and plan a route though so I'm taking that as a win. I'll try again on Wednesday, which is the next day I have time to do it.

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Well done for planning a route and for identifying a win!!

I started with just going for regular walks x3 a week until I was ready to do a bit more. I struggled to run for 60 seconds to start with but yesterday I ran for 30mins. Take it slow and follow the program - you will get there!


Well done for planning a route. I did exactly the same thing when i started, and had an epic fail to get out on my first planned day. The hardest part is getting out the door! Don't think about it too much, on the day just do it and see how it goes.

Once you have done the first one it gets easier and you will feel so proud of yourself.

Good luck for Wednesday x


Try just going for a walk wearing your running gear. Don't actually put yourself under pressure to do anything. If you want, do it while listening to the podcast/app but don't actually run. Think of it as conditioning your mind so the experience feels less unnatural when you do come to try a run. Good luck :)


Your anxiety is very common amongst new runners.

Honestly, hardly anyone will pay you any attention.

Have you read the guide to the plan which is full of tips.

You can do this.


You can do the sessions in your civvies if you prefer. Some have done and it’s fine.

It’s short walks, with even shorter slightly quicker bits. Nothing to stress about One foot in front of the other. You do it every day 🙂

It’s good fun! 😃👍


Be kind to yourself, and plan ahead (put your run gear out ready, check the forecast so you know what to expect and block out an hour for you to do it so there is no pressure). Could you identify your anxiety? Were you worried about people seeing you or not being able to do it or going outside? A lot of people drive or get the bus away from their house to a nice setting to do it in where people wont recognise them if that helps. And as for being able to do it, it's a gentle gradient that has worked for thousands of people, just like you. You are doing so well having already decided to try C25K. Keep telling yourself how great you are doing!


Breathe and try again. You can do this 🤗x


Gosh I really feel for you. You've done so welll to make the decision to do C25K and you're planning a route - which is a lot more than I did when I started Week 1. I did a crazy route which was horrible with loads of traffic - luckily I've learnt a bit about planning since then. Seriously, I was paranoid about running, feeling very anxious, which is very debillitating. But I did do it, and I found that people take no notice of you (or smile), and you can get into a little running bubble which is just about you and the current challenge.

As others have said, go out on Wednesday - walk and then see if you want to try a bit of running. If not, it doesn't matter - you will have tried out the route, which is really positive.

Let us know how it goes. 🤞👍😀


I remember that feeling well, but the feeling of achievement after completing the first session was worth it! I’m now on week 7 and it’s the feeling I get after each run that keeps me going. Forget everyone else, they don’t know if you’ve just started your run, or have just run 10k - that’s what I tell myself when I’m as red as a beetroot and puffing away! I’ve found this more of a mental challenge as well as physical. Believe in yourself - you can do this xx

I also found it hard, but knew I needed to be fitter. If you can't manage very well try again , if you don't try you will never know. First bit is the worst , please have a go and post how it goes , go at snail 🐌 pace. You will get lots of support on here 😊

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