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Re-writing songs to be about running #2

Today was a lovely day and so despite being achy from some activities yesterday (Get your minds out of the gutter, I was lugging computer equipment from the car to a local shop so that I could sell it to them, that stuff was heavy!) so I donned my kit, turned on 'Zombies, Run!' and headed out.

The sun was shining, my music was blaring, I discovered why the outbreak happened (*cough* spoiler - human's playing god *cough cough*) and was at the Sub-station near my house before I knew it, without slowing to a walk. Then when the mission was over, I probably disturbed a few dog walkers by laughing out loud to the antics of Abel Radio's hosts Jack and Eugene.

Anyway, fantastic run. Here's your song - please note, please change 'girl' to 'guy' and Queen to King as your gender preference dictates. I'm only writing one out. Enjoy

Chorus: Hey Runner Girl, it's your world

As you run these streets, steppin' to the beat

Hey Runner Girl, do a twirl!

As you feel the beat you're the boogie body rockin' queen

Rest tomorrow but you're running today

Go at it like the world is your runway

People say to keep the goblins at bay

Runner Girls are gonna go out and play


30 minutes ain't as long as it sounds

Keep putting your feet on the gro-o-ound

Bad goblins, good fresh air, wow!

Tell people that your beat has been found

that's as far as I've got, feel free to add more. Take care

Mrs Psycho out xxx

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