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The 99p syndrome- park run kidology


Prices are often something 99p which for some bizarre reason makes the consumer think it is so much cheaper. For me it is the same with the scales I’d much rather be 9st 13lb than 10st (well actually I wouldn’t mind being either of them at the moment ) and the point of this is ... I did park run in 39min 27sec today and was besides myself with glee that it didn’t start with a 4!

Of course the reverse is true when talking of distance where 5k is so much better than 4.9k 🙂

Then there is the whole age debate my age group is 64-69 so of course I am more chuffed with my result because I’m in the older half and therefore feel proud to be in there with the whipper snapper 64year olds.

Anyway, spring was definitely in the air today and my garden got some loving care whilst I mused on my run results. Happy running all

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Anything sub 40, be it age or time, rocks in my boat...your a star, you should be very happy and proud of yourself 👍🏻👍🏻

LookNannyrunsGraduate in reply to OlderThanDirt

Thank you, I am feeling a bit smug, no doubt pride before a fall and back to 40 + next time . But I did it once 😁


The brain is a funny thing...ever seen a cricketer walk off after being out for 99 runs? He looks sadder than the guy who made 0.

The important thing for me is that we don't beat ourselves when a run doesn't go so well...a year ago I wouldn't have even been in the park. 5k in 40+minutes is still better than 0k in a day.

Yep, you are so right. I have to keep reminding myself that way back in September I was gleeful at being able to run for a minute without the aid of an oxygen tank ....

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