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W8 R1, done and dusted 👍


I just didn't feel right going out this morning and the bracing wind with snow flurries didn't help 😮

I got well wrapped up and off I went and I was amazed to find that after about two minutes something kicked in and it was a natural flowing run, albeit steady - that usually comes in after five minutes or more!!

I'm off for a few days so rather than my usual lakeside route, I plan to do runs 2 & 3 in the town centre park where I'm aiming to do my first ParkRun in two weeks

All in all, despite the bitter wind and me feeling off kilter, it went well in the end 👍

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Great news...you are doing brilliantly.

Keep going.😊x


Brilliant...I’ve got cold & I could tell on my last run that i was coming down with something as I felt sluggish...but I will be back out there with a vengeance next time & I can’t wait!!!

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