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My second week with Cto5k

I have been always loved running. I remember I was around 12 years old when I run 4k two times a day, regardless what the weather was. Before school and before the bedtime, every single day.

Then life happened :). I still had my occasional run, but for some reason, it always slipped away after two months.

So, as my new year resolution was, that I will get fit and healthy this year, then I was looking into the option to get myself going after two months. One of my colleagues mentioned to me Cto5k as a perfect start point as it builds strength up gradually and there is a coach with you for 12 weeks, every time you going to run :D.

Have to say, that I was a skeptic at first, but now, when I'm on my second week I feel create and looking forward to my next run already. I started my run early mornings when it was raining and cold outside, and not waiting for the warmer times. I'm out from the door by 5:30am with my favorite running tunes and back at 6am, following with 30 minutes exercise with Chris Powell and I feel, that I can concur the world.

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Well done.

The NHS C25k plan that this forum supports is only a 9 week plan and is available through the links you will find in this guide to NHS C25k healthunlocked.com/couchto5... which i would recommend you read in full.

Enjoy your journey.


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