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W9, down,two to go

W9, down,two to go

I was lying inbed at 05:30 and was having one of those “wide awake what do I do now??” Trying to work out at what point I was going to squeeze my run in ( busy day in this house today) when it occurred to me ...why not just get up and do your run idiot face? Free up the day... so I crept out the house ,trying not to wake my Tyrant Queen and out two direct debits , jumped in the car and went to the beach. I’m blessed that my local park run is on a coast and it was lovely today...the sun came up , solely to cheer me on, it’s just hanging around for the rest of you today out of politeness, and it was completely deserted , had the whole promenade to myself..flipping AMAZING..

Two more to go till graduation ..trying to think of something clever and inspiring but my mind keeps wandering to a cup of tea and some peanut butter on toast...maybe my next post will be more worthy of attention 🤦🏻‍♂️

Take care all

Laters 👋🏻

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Go you.. love the post... !

I shall be back at the Coast, on Thursday... cannot wait for the runs by the sea:)

Have a great day.. your start was just perfect :)


Well done you your at the same stage as me W9 R1 done today I'm still way slower than I was before I had my knee injury but so happy that I have got this far.

It was the peanut butter on toast that made me post, me and my daughter always treat ourselves to peanut butter on toast and tea on the Saturdays she comes to Parkrun with me.

Well keep up the good work.


Sleep, completely overrated. Sounds like a great sunrise run. Well done.


Well done you - peanut butter on toast a perfect recovery meal. What a treat


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