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W8,R3..I’ll never understand running😂

Morning, just done my run, and unlike the past two posts of moans and groans , I can honestly went well🤦🏻‍♂️😂🤣...didn’t do anything different so who the hell knows why🙄

I still now, even in week 8, at about 5 minutes in get the demon in my ear...give it up, give it a rest...I’m just getting better at ignoring her...

One think I have learnt ,and has been a pleasant suprise to me is my conversion to podcasts rather than music...and trust me when I say I find that amazing...I’m pretty sure that 90s Garage and dance (showing my age)got me this far but yes, on two runs now I’ve been happily diverted from time and distance . I think it’s the way forward , for me at least. I think in the summer I’ll definetly drop some cool beats man ( is that what kids say now?!?👴🏻) but for now I’m sticking to podcasts

My pace is still measurable in season changes but it just felt comfortable today , and I’ll take that any day of the week over breaking records

Mmmh...I should probably think about the fact that it’s week 9 next week but ill leave that till then.

If you are doing the programme, whatever week your on, don’t forget, your amazing for getting as far as you are , well done you

Laters 👋🏻

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Well done that's brilliant and a great post too.

It's awesome this running lark 😉


I like season changes for pace. I had been using glacial to describe mine but this is much more apt 😂


Just a thought.. the 5 minute demon may well be your anaerobic / aerobic change over point.


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