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Week 5 Run 3

Had a really stressful day yesterday, one child was sick and was late for an appointment so was worried that I would miss the run. I had very little sleep.. but by 5 o clock last night I was gagging to go out.

I cannot believe how quickly it passed and that I was able to run for that long. I jogged up two small inclines ( Massive hills when running) and knew when it was down hill I had it conquered. I was very slow steady and had a great pace by around 12 minutes. Had achey knees and hip but not real pain.

I didn't feel that elated at the end just calm ( maybe because of the stress). Needless to say when I put my kids to be at 7 I feel asleep instantly with them for a few hours which was amazing as I get very little sleep. When I woke up I felt like I had been put under as my sleep had been so deep. A real benefit. I'm not that stiff this morning either.

So week 6 next, quite looking forward to the stop start thing again, just to change things around. Thank you all on here for support.XX

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Very well done you... I am constantly in awe of the Mums and Dads heading out after the days activities! I know after we have small runner in training for her two days a week, I need recovery time! Just two days!

So glad you got out and the sleep was obviously needed:) You did brilliantly.. and now, time to move onto the lovely long runs.. time to relax into them and let the legs find out what they can really do :) xx


Thank you so much for this! Yes I'm quite excited about what week 6 holds and getting to relax into the runs and seeing how this feels x


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